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Four-indent Pneumatic Wire Connector Crimper

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The Four-indent Pneumatic Wire Connector Crimper adopts curve propulsion mechanism, its applied force transfers through four curves in the head cavity of the right plier handle to the four indenters. The four intenders do the centripetal linear motion, which makes its front-end teeth crimp the contact to complete the crimping process. The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures the consistency of impression and the crimping quality of wires and contacts.

Model: YH-W2Q

Four-indent Pneumatic Cable Crimper


  • Mould Steel (Durable,pressure resistance,No deformationnice appearance and will not rust)

  • Four-indent pneumatic Crimp Tools (Crimp tension is 1.3 times that of the hexagonal crimp, more stable & more reliable)

  • 8 Selector Number (Adjustable crimping ranges in different selector number, more convenient for wider applications)

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Operation video of the four-indent pneumatic cable crimper 

Technical Data

Model Through-hole Dia. Wire size mm2/AWG Tooth mark length
YH-W1Q 3.6mm 0.032-0.52(20-32) 1.77mm
YH-W2Q 5.6mm 0.128-3.33(12-26) 2.54mm
YH-W7Q 3.9mm 0.08-1.32(16-28) 2.05mm
YH-W3Q 8.2mm 0.8-8(18-8) 2.88mm
YH-W4Q 9.2mm 2.075-13.3(6-14) 2.88mm



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