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Battery Cable Lugs Crimping Machine

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The servo motor driven battery cable lugs crimping machine is specially designed for processing battery cables and new energy cables. The machine is driven by servo motors, with low noise, low energy consumption, stable output, and is suitable for a variety of applicators. The applicable wire sizes range from 10-120 square mm.
Model: YH-SF30T
Battery Cable Lugs Crimping Machine

  • This machine is mainly used for crimping of large square tubular terminals; 

  • Based on industrial-grade control chip with high-precision servo drive, the machine can run stably; 

  • Touch screen operation mode, PLC control system, instantaneously change the crimping range of different terminals; 

  • 10-120mm2 closed tubular terminal crimping without changing the tool, instantly change the size of the knife edge;

  • Suitable for crimping of non-standardized terminals or crimped terminals;

  • No need to change the mold, high accuracy;

  • The crimping joint can be fully opened, suitable for intermediate or large square terminals;

  • Position adjustment of the actual square of the wire;

  • Compact, space saving, and low noise.

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Operation video of the battery cable lugs crimping machine

Technical Data

Model YH-SF30T
Wire Size 10-120mm² 
Pressure 300KN
Stroke 35mm
Crimp width  12.5mm (Customizable)
Weight  120kg
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 2300w




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