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Cable Outer Jacket & Core Wires Cut and Strip Machine

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This wire stripping and cutting machine is able to process of multi-core sheathed cables. It can strip outer skin and inner core skin simultaneously. The applicable wire sizes range from 1-6 mm.

Model: YH-905

Cable Outer Jacket & Core Wires Cut and Strip Machine


  • Compact body, precise wire stripping, time saving and high efficiency, large LCD screen, powerful chip, low noise.

  • Driven by catheter motor, full power, stable performance.

  • Tungsten steel and high speed steel blades are sharp, durable and wear-resistant. The cut is flat.

  • 100 sets of stored data, parameters can be debugged manually.

  • Equipped with straightening machine to ensure the stability of the wire. Improve efficiency and product quality.

  • The four-wheel stepper motor drives a stable wire feeding, the pressure is adjustable, and the wire is not damaged.

  • Fully automatic computerised program design, one-click modification error, simple and clear operation.

  • Suitable for electronic wires, sheathed wires, multi-core wires, flat cables, double parallel wires, optical fiber wires, glass fiber wires, new energy wires, etc.

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Operation video of the Multi-core Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine


Model YH-905
Display 4.3 inch LCD touch screen
Function Cutting and stripping
Wire Type Sheathed cables, PVC cables, etc.
Stripping Range 1-6mm
Inner Core Numbers 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores and 5 cores
Cutting Length 0.1mm-99999.9mm
Stripping Length for Outer Sheath Wire head: 0.1-250mm, wire tail: 0.1-70mm
Stripping Length for Core Wires Wire head: 0.1-30mm, wire tail: 3-30mm
Intermediate Stripping Max.16 sections
Cutting Tolerance 0.01mm Silent hybrid stepping motor
Blade Material Imported tungsten steel / high speed steel
Control System SCM self-developed motion control board
Drive Mode Four-wheels stepper motor drive
Program Storage 100 sets of data
Power Supply AC220V/110V;50/60Hz
Power 700W
Capacity 100/500/1000mm (1300/1100/900 pcs/h)
Weight 40kg
Dimensions 47*45*35cm
Remarks The machine can be customized for processing special cables, and the sample cable should be sent to us for test.



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