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Cable Outer Jacket and Inner Core Wires Stripping Machine

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This fully automatic wire cutting and stripping machine is designed to strip outer cable jacket and inner wire cores, high working efficiency, very useful in wire processing field.

Model: YH-8500

Cable Outer Jacker and Inner Core Wires Stripping Machine


  • This machine is suitable for processing multi-core sheathed cables and special single core wires.

  • Wire cutting, outer sheath stripping and inner core insulation stripping can be done samutaniously, saving labor and improving processing quality.

  • Different sets of blades perform wire cutting, the outer sheath stripping and inner core peeling. The incision is neat and the peeling quality is stable.

  • Up to 100 sets of storage capacity, so that all kinds of processing data can be completely saved and retrieved at any time.

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Operation video of the Cable Cutting Sheath Peeling and Core Stripping Machine


Model YH-8500
Display 7-inch LCD
Wire diameter 3.0-8.0mm
Min. diameter 0.6mm
Cutting depth unit 0.01mm
Stripping accuracy ±0.1mm
Stripping layer up to 8 layers (adjustable)
Production efficiency

750-1300Pcs/h (depending on the cutting length, and the maximum speed can be reached 

when the total length is 100mm)

Rotary blades 2 blades, imported tungsten steel
V blades 2 blades, swedish high speed steel
Power 220/110V 50Hz (customizable)
Air pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Weight 102kg
Drive mode motor\ball screw drive
Dimension 760*700*400mm
Storage 100 sets of cable processing data
Working environment 0-45 degrees, dry and vibration-free work surface  



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