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Cheap Webbing Tape Cold Cutting Machine

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This is an affordable cold cutting machine for woven tapes. It features automatic cutting, simple operation, wide range of application, and high cutting quality.

Model: ZCUT-101

Cheap Webbing Tape Cold Cutting Machine


  • Imported stepper motor for stable performance and precise cutting

  • Digital display, fully automatic control, simple operation

  • Computer control, users can set the cutting length and cutting quantity freely according to the actual production to improve the production efficiency

  • Suitable for cutting adhesive tape, Velcro tape, braided tape, leather, horse spring tape, wire, ribbon, safety belt, plastic skin and other materials

  • High work efficiency, low noise, small size, light weight, easy operation

  • Suitable for clothing, shoe materials, packaging, electrical appliances, home textiles, tents, fabrics and other industries

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Operation video of the Cheap Webbing Tape Cold Cutting Machine

Technical Data

Model ZCUT-101
Cutting length 1-9,999 mm
Cutting width 1-105 mm
Cutting speed 100-120 pcs/min
Weight 21 kg
Voltage 220V
Rated power 0.4 kw
Cutter cold cutter
Packing size (L*W*H) 500*350*350


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