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High Voltage Heavy Duty Wire and Cable Processing Machines

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Cable Samples


1. YH-8030H (6-30mm2)

Multi-core Sheathed Cable Cut & Strip Machine

This wire stripping and cutting machine is able to process of multi-core jacket cables. It can strip outer skin and inner core skin simultaneously. The applicable wire sizes range from 6-30 sq mm.


2.    YH-8070 (10-70 mm2)

Large Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine

This fully automatic large cable cutting and stripping machine is suitable for the processing of large power cables, sheathed wires, soft and hard wires. It can cut and strip the insulation at both ends, and can also carry out multi-level stripping processing at the same time. Stripping sizes: 10-70 square mm. Cutting lengths: 0.1-99999.9 mm.


3.  YH-8120 (10-120 mm2)

Thick Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

This large square wire stripping machine is a new type of cable processing equipment controlled by microcomputer. The applicable wire sizes range from 10-120 sq mm. It is mainly used for processing automotive wiring harness, power cables, electric control cabinet cables, battery box cables, new energy vehicle wiring harness, charging pile harness, charging gun harness, BV hard wires, and BVR soft wires.


4.  YH-8300 (30-300 mm2)

Heavy-duty Large Cable Cutting Stripping Machine

This large cable stripping machine is specially designed to process hard-to-peel cables, such as new energy charging pile harnesses, charging gun harnesses and new energy high-voltage shielded wires. The applicable wire sizes range from 30 to 300 square mm. 8300

5. YH-300 (ø10-ø50mm)

Pneumatic Rotary Wire Peeling Machine

This rotary knife pneumatic wire peeling machine is mainly used for stripping large cables. It is a special equipment for processing of new energy DC cables. Maximum wire diameter is 50 mm, and max stripping length is 100 mm.


6. YH-8608 (up to 9 layers)  

Coaxial Cable Spiral Stripping Machine

This semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine can strip up to 9 layers, and the maximum processing cable diameter is 18mm. The blade adopts imported Swiss tungsten steel, and the precision of the cutting is ensured by 15 high-precision grinding processes with a knife edge finish of 0.0005 mm.



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