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How to crimp open barrel terminals/connectors?

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There are a vast range of terminal crimping machines out there in the market. With so many different types of crimps available, it’s often difficult to know what to buy. In this tutorial, we give some advice on how to choose a machine to crimp open barrel connectors onto wires.

open barrel connectors crimping  

Material Preparation

1. Wires and open barrel non-insulated connectors   

2. Wire Processing Machines

1 x wire cutting and stripping machine

1 x open barrel crimping machine  


Step 1: Wire Cutting and Stripping

A good cutting and stripping machine should promise no hurt to the wire cores, here we use YH-BSD automatic wire cutting stripping machine.  

wire cutting stripping

Feel free to click and check the cutting and stripping operation video here:


Step 2:Terminal Crimping

The open barrel non-insulated crimps have by far the the biggest amount of variation tending to be the type used in connector housings. You will find these connectors widely used in cars, domestic appliances, Hi-Fi equipment etc. These types will often need a very specific machine to crimp correctly, here we use YH-1.5T semi-auto low noise terminal crimping machine.

open barrel terminals crimping  

Feel free to click and check the crimping operation video here:


Step 3. Crimp Cross-sectional Analysis

This step occurs when you need to test crimping quality. Learn more about wire harness testing system

terminal cross-section analytics

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