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How to crimp wires with a terminal crimping machine?

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Many of the sensors, microcontrolers, require a connector and in order to make the connector you need to crimp a wire. To process bulk wire crimping, you will need a wire connector crimping machine.


How to crimp wires with a terminal crimping machine?

Crimping connectors onto wires requires the right machine, and these types of machines press the crimping wings of the connector into each other.


The standard process for crimping all types of connectors is to strip a small bit of insulation off the wire. Then, put the connector into a suitably sized space in the jaws, insert the wire, and crimp it down.  


To strip wire insulation off automatically, you can choose one of Yuhanhan’s wire cutting and stripping machines. Yuanhan supplies high performance all-in-one wire cutting and stripping machines to process different types of wires and cables up to 300 sq mm.

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stripped wires

The crimping is done using a semi-automatic crimping machine, or can be done using a fully automatic wire lugs crimping machine.

semi-auto wire crimping machine

Semi-Auto Low Noise Terminal Crimping Machine

Stripping and Crimping Machine for Multi Core Wires

multi-core wire crimping

Fully Automatic Double-Head Terminal Crimping Machine

double head terminal crimping


This information was brief and to the point, but hopefully it shed some light on some basic crimping techniques. If you have any questions about wire cutting, stripping, crimping and soldering, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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