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Machine insert plastic housing, Automatic inserting housing machine

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This fully automatic cable housing inserting machine is able to process wire cutting, two ends stripping, crimping, tinning and housing inserting. Cutting length: 85-700mm; Stripping length: 0.5-10mm. Applicable wire sizes: 0.8-2.0mm (28#-20#).

Model: YH-07D

Automatic inserting housing machine


  • Wire cutting, two ends peeling, crimping, tinning and housing inserting

  • Cutting length: 85-700mm; Stripping length: 0.5-10mm

  • Applicable wire sizes: 0.8-2.0mm (28#-20#)

  • Equipped with detection device

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Operation video of the automatic inserting housing machine 


Model YH-07D
Function Cutting/stripping/pressing/tinning/twisting/housing inserting
Productivity 3800pcs/H 
Wire Size outside diameter: 0.8-2.0mm (28#-20#)
Cutting Length 85-700mm
Stripping Length 0.5-10mm
Pressure 2T
Power Supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Dimension 1500L*1200W*1650H


1.Air pressure alarm                                                                   

2.Defective product recognition                                                   

3.Terminal exist or not                                                                           

4. Visual computer equipment 



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