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Tape Dispenser for Wire Harness Bundling and Protection

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Harness coverings need to securely bundle harnesses and withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Products for the engine compartment have to be highly resistant to abrasion, for instance, while in the car interior, tapes are applied to reduce noises.

taping machine for wire harness 

We offer an extensive range of wire harnessing tape wrapping machine for reliable and efficient bundling and protection against noise and abrasion. Whether you need a handheld wire harness taping machine for basic applications, an automatic cable taping machine, a copper foil tape wrapping machine or a teflon tape wrapping machine for fittings, Yuanhan can provide the right solution for your specific applications while offering the highest level of service and support in the industry.

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Areas of Application

Car interior: Protection against noises and environmental conditions

Engine compartment: Protection against abrasion as well as extreme temperatures and environmental conditions

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