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Rigid PVC Plastic Tube Cutting Machine, PVC Rigid Pipe Cutting Machine

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This is a chipless rotary plastic pipe cutting machine. It is able to cut off rigid PVC plastic tube or PE PPR pipe quickly without any waste of material or need for deburring. Cutting length: 3mm-1000mm (or longer).

Rigid PVC Plastic Tube Cutting Machine


  • The diameter can be customized from 10-100, the pipe wall thickness can be cut without chips from 0.5-6mm, the length can be accurately controlled, and the size can be easily changed.

  • Special pipe can be equipped with fixed length device and cutter, designed for different specifications and different materials, with good flexibility and fast processing capacity.

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Operation video of the Rigid PVC Plastic Tube Cutting Machine

Technical Data 

Model YH-HQJ
Power 220V/360V 450W
Weight 70KG
Speed Automatic speed, infinitely variable speed
Pipe cutting 100mm
Cutting length 3mm-1000mm (or longer)
Dimensions 1300 x 800 x 1100 (mm)



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