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Semi-automatic Pneumatic Cable Stripper

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The pneumatic wire stripping machine can strip different sized wires without changing blades. It can strip inner core wires of multi-conductor cable and single core cable.

Model: YH-2016C

Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine without Changing Blades


  • Mainly used to strip different sized cables, can strip inner core wires conveniently and rapidly.

  • Driven by cylinder, smart and portable.  

  • Adopts imported pneumatic components, high precision, long life.

  • No need to change blades for stripping wires of different diameters. 

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Operation video of pneumatic wire stripping machine

Technical Data

Model YH-2016C  
Wire range AWG#(2-14)(2.5-35mm²)
Applicable wires inner core wires of sheathed cable, inner core wires of power cable, single wire
Stripping length 2-30mm
Stroke 30mm
Air supply 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa
Weight 15kg
Dimension 360*290*180mm



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