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Shrinkable Tubing Heating Oven for Wire Harness

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This shrink tubing processing machine is suitable for heating heat-shrinkable tube of wire harness processing enterprise. Working time and heating zone width can be adjusted according to production requirements.

Model: YH2060-2

Shrinkable Tubing Heating Oven for Wire Harness

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  • Real-time status display

The device displays the current set value and the actual set value in real time through the touch screen, such as:

A, the set temperature (°C)

B, real-time temperature (°C)

C, conveyor belt running speed (m/ min)

D, shutdown cooling time (S)

E, PID adjustment P value, I value, etc.

  • Adjustable heating zone position

The heating conveyor belt has a width of 280mm and the heating plate has a width of 60mm (optional 80mm/120mm). The position of the heating plate can be manually adjusted relative to the conveyor belt. Accurate heating is achieved by adjusting the position of the placed harness without damaging other parts of the wire harnesses.

  • Heating plate insulation design

The double design of the heating plate shell isolates the internal and external temperature, which saves energy and protects the working environment.

  • Main function of the control system

Adopt industrial touch screen + PLC design, human-computer interaction is simple and intuitive, and parameter modification is simple and easy to learn.

The conveyor belt adopts DC stepping motor, the speed is adjustable from 0~5m/min, and the torque is constant at low speed to meet various production requirements.

The heating temperature and heating speed can be adjusted arbitrarily to realize the automatic operation of the equipment.

Operation video of the shrinkable tubing heating machine



MachineL×W×H 453×334×250mm
Control power supplyL×W×H 300×300×140mm
Maximum heating sizeL×W 240mm×60mmoptional 80/120mm
Maximum heating width 60mmoptional 80/120mm
Maximum conveying width 225mm
Maximum conveying height 50mm
Material Teflon
Speed 0~5m/min
Stepper motor power 200WStepless speed regulation
Heating pipe Heating pipe name Heating porcelain plate
Heating plate power 1000W*2
Power Power demand 220V
Total power 2400W
Security Security level PE lineemergency button



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