Wire Label Machine

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A wire label machine is a versatile tool used to identify and mark wire and cable quickly and accurately. This type of equipment is most commonly found in electrical and industrial settings, where it is used to mark wires for safety, efficiency, and organization.

Wire label machines are used to print labels that can contain a variety of information, including wire size, conductor type, voltage, and ampacity. They can also be used to create custom labels for wires and cables. The labels are usually printed on pre-cut, self-adhesive vinyl or polyester film, and are then applied directly to the wires and cables.
wire label machine
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Wire label machines come in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on the type of wire being labeled. Some machines come with built-in software for easy label creation and printing, while others require more manual labor. The most common type of wire label machine is a thermal transfer machine, which uses heat to transfer a printed label onto the wire or cable. Other types of wire label machines are inkjet and laser printers, which are capable of printing on a wide variety of materials. With the right software, labels can be customized and printed in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Wire label machines can save time, reduce labor costs, and help ensure the safety of personnel working with wire and cable.

Yuanhan's ZCUT-660 wire and cable labeling machine is suitable for wrapping-around sticky labels (e.g. bar code labels, warning labels, instruction labels, etc.) onto wire and cables. Just put the wires and cables on the wire opening, step on the pedal, the machine will automatically wrap-around labels, and automatically send out the label paper after labeling. Change the traditional manual labeling method and improve the efficiency of labeling.

Operation video of the cable label marking machine



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