Wire Harness Sticky Label Wrap-around MachineWire Harness Sticky Label Wrap-around Machine

This wire harness labeling machine is suitable for wrapping-around sticky labels (e.g. bar code labels, warning labels, instruction labels, etc.) onto wire and cables. Just put the wires and cables on the wire opening, step on the pedal, the machine will automatically wrap-around labels, and automatically send out the label paper after labeling. Change the traditional manual labeling method and improve the efficiency of labeling.

  • ZCUT-660
  • Yuanhan
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○ Adopt PLC control system to make the whole machine run stably and at high speed;

○ Touch man-machine interface, simple and intuitive operation, complete functions;

○ Use famous brand electrical components to ensure the stability and reliability;

○ Use belt conveyor to ensure stable and reliable label delivery;

○ High labeling accuracy, so that the labeling error is controlled within the minimum range;

○ Adjustable labeling speed

○ Application: this labeling machine is suitable for labeling round cable, flat cable, stranded wire, loose wire and so on.

Applicable label lengthstandard 10-100mm (Out of scope needs customization)
Applicable label widthstandard 5-40mm
Standard positioning ruler200mm
Maximum label roll width240mm
Maximum label roll inner diameter76mm
Labeling accuracy±0.2mm
Labeling speed1000-1500PCS / H (depending on label size and manual operation speed)
Applicable cable diameter3-12mm
Power supply220V / 50HZ
Machine weight86kg
Machine sizeabout 580 * 680 * 1000mm (length * width * height)




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