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Wiring Harness Color Sequence Detector

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The wiring harness in the terminal connector usually needs to be arranged according to a certain color sequence, manual inspection often causes misdiagnosis or missed inspection due to eye fatigue. The wire sequence inspecting device adopts vision technology and intelligent algorithms to determine compliance with preset standards, automatically identify the color of the harness and mark the output, so as to make sure the wiring sequence is 100% correct.

Model: YH-DC1

Wiring Harness Color Sequence Detector


  • Test items:

    (1) Automatically identify the color of each wire of the harness and systematically determine whether the position is correct.

    (2) Automatically judge whether the wire terminal hole is inserted incorrectly or in place

    (3) Automatically display the wire position of the bad line sequence, and give an audible alarm prompt NG

  • Automatically triggers after the material is stable, no need for foot switch or other IO input trigger

  • The detection accuracy is high, and even if characters are printed on the surface of the wire, the system can eliminate the interference of characters and accurately distinguish the color line sequence. Detection time <0.2s/pcs

  • You can place the harness to be tested in the inspection frame at will, without strict placement restrictions.

  • FM-9A can support I/O output, with small size and light weight

  • Integrated embedded device, low power consumption (<35W), anti-virus

  • Easy to use, easy to replace the material under test

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Operation video of the Wiring Harness Color Sequence Detector

Technical Data

Model YH-DC1
Trigger  Auto trigger
Detection accuracy High precision
House connector width Max.50mm    
Row of house connector

Single row

Wire placement requirements Arbitrarily placed
Support output FM-9A supports I/O output
Features Small size and light weight
Dimensions 43x26x38cm
Weight 10.7kg

Identify wire color, determine correct position, determine if wire terminal 

inserted in place, detect poor wire harness and alarm NG



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