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Ultrasonic Webbing Cutting and Velcro Bonding Stitching MachineUltrasonic Webbing Cutting and Velcro Bonding Stitching Machine

This is a fully automatic ultrasonic elastic band webbing tape cutting and hook & loop stitching welding machine. It is mainly used to process hook and loop tape/Velcro tape, silk ribbons, webbing tape, textured ribbons, woven strips, safety belts, etc.

  • YH-80X60
  • Yuanhan
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  • Function: ultrasonic cutting welding and bonding

  • Application material: Hook and loop tape/Velcro Tape, silk ribbons, webbing, textured ribbons, woven strips, safety belts, etc.

  • Using ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, the sealed edge will not crack, will not damage the edge of cloth, and there will be no burrs or curling.

  • Using ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cutting, no need to use needle and thread, save the trouble of frequently changing needle and thread.

  • High efficiency, good stability, three-dimensional relief effect, fast working speed, good product effect.

  • Ultrasonic welding replaces the traditional needle and thread stitching, there is no broken thread joints, and the webbing and hook and loop parts can also be cut and stitched

  • The operation is simple and convenient: no preheating is required during production, and continuous operation is possible

  • High-quality ultrasonic combination: This machine adopts a set of fully automatic 15KHz, 4.2KW high-power chasing ultrasonic waves, and a set of high-quality 18KHz, 2.8KW ultrasonic waves

  • Stable and efficient: The machine has a compact structure and a reasonable design, which can save 4-5 people's labor, is safe and reliable, and is suitable for mass production. 

Power supply220v/110v
Weight 210kg




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