High Performance Wire Processing Machine
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Wire Twisting Machine

This wire twisting machine is able to process a wide variety of ground wire, braided wire and isolation wire.
  • YH-PX19
  • Yuanhan
  • The wire clamping plate adopts pneumatic control. After connecting the air source, the pressure plate opens automatically. When working, just hold the wire and put it in, and then gently turn on the foot switch to complete the twisting operation.

  • The clamping plate adopts an exposed design, so that the scattered copper wires are easy to place.

  • Newly added automatic wire drawing device, short training time for novices.

  • The opening size of the chuck can be adjusted. Loosen the chuck spindle screw inside the machine, move the entire chuck to the motor direction and then tighten the spindle screw to expand it, and vice versa.

  • The clamping force of the chuck depends on the spring force, which can be added to 5 to 6 springs.

  • If there is a phenomenon of sliding outward when twisting the thick wire, a small groove should be repaired in the center of the chuck, and the size of the groove can be based on the size of the wire.

Air pressure1.5-2.5kg/cm2
Motor power10W, speed 1400 rpm/s
Twisting length5-80mm (can be customized to 150mm)
Twisting range0.1-2 (mm2)
Power supply220V AC 50HZ

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