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Braided Hose For Gas Crimping Machine, Flexible Hose Fittings Assembly Machine

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This hose fittings assembly machine is suitable for crimping and tightening of various metal thin-walled hoses, pipe riveting and shrinking of metal pipes.

Model: YH-GJT001

Braided Hose For Gas Crimping Machine


  • This machine is suitable for processing of various high and low pressure oil pipes, gas hoses, brake pipes, engine oil pipes, air conditioning pipes, power pipes, gasoline supply pipes, water pipes, cable joints, etc.

  • Fast speed, automatic crimping and good crimping effect.

  • Stable oil pressure ensures the temperature won’t go too high.

  • The mold can be customized according to specific crimping requirements.

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Operation video of the Braided Hose For Gas Crimping Machine

Technical Data

Model YH-GJT001
Power supply 220V-380V, 4.0KW
Pressure 15Mpa
Way of working Hydraulic 
Speed 4,000 times/hour
Applicable range 1mm-33mm
Dimensions 88*96*98cm



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