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How do you crimp a cable lug?

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Crimping lugs can be found on the wiring systems of automobiles, electrical boxes, machinery, household appliances, electronics, and other durable goods. For electrical use, lugs are typically insulated with rubber or plastic to prevent accidental transference of electricity to people or nearby electrical components. Other types require no insulation due to either lug placement or the lack of voltage.
how do you crimp a lug

Before starting the crimping process itself, you should make sure that the components are clean. Brush the conductors so they are metallically clean and check the aluminium cables for any visible oxidation layer, which must be removed. Generally speaking, you should ensure that no metal traces remain on the conductor, since this can cause contact corrosion.

The use of good wire stripping machines ensures clean stripping of the cable. At the same time, there should be no damage to the conductor and the length of the stripped section should be around ten percent longer than the insertion dimension of the cable lug or connector. This is because crimping lengthens the cable lug or connector by around ten percent. So don’t scrimp on the stripping!

Make sure that the crimping dies are not damaged or dirty. The profile should be metallically bright.

How do you crimp a cable lug? 
Step 1: insert the cable or conductor into the barrel of the cable lug.
Step 2: use the crimping machine YH-SF30T and dies for the crimping process.

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