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PVC Water Tubes Cutting Machine, PVC Tube & Hose Cutting Machine

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Rotary pipe cutting machine cuts off tube or pipe quickly without any waste of material or need for deburring. Cutting length: 3mm-1000mm (or longer).

Model: YH-HQJ

PVC Water Tubes Cutting Machine


  • The diameter can be customized from 10-100, the pipe wall thickness can be cut without chips from 0.5-6mm, the length can be accurately controlled, and the size can be easily changed.

  • Special pipe can be equipped with fixed length device and cutter, designed for different specifications and different materials, with good flexibility and fast processing capacity.

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Operation video of the PVC Water Tubes Cutting Machine

Technical Data

Model YH-HQJ
Power 220V/360V 450W
Weight 70KG
Speed Automatic speed, infinitely variable speed
Pipe cutting 100mm
Cutting length 3mm-1000mm (or longer)
Dimensions 1300 x 800 x 1100 (mm)


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