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Servo Motor Driven Wire Lugs Crimping machine

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This servo motor driven terminal crimping machine is mainly used for crimping of large square tubular terminals. The applicable wire sizes range from 10-120 square mm.

Model: YH-SF30T

Servo Motor Terminal Crimping Machine


  • This machine is mainly used for crimping of large square tubular terminals; 

  • Based on industrial-grade control chip with high-precision servo drive, the machine can run stably; 

  • Touch screen operation mode, PLC control system, instantaneously change the crimping range of different terminals; 

  • 10-120mm2 closed tubular terminal crimping without changing the tool, instantly change the size of the knife edge;

  • Suitable for crimping of non-standardized terminals or crimped terminals;

  • No need to change the mold, high accuracy;

  • The crimping joint can be fully opened, suitable for intermediate or large square terminals;

  • Position adjustment of the actual square of the wire;

  • Compact, space saving, and low noise.

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Operation video of servo motor cable connector crimping machine 

Technical data

Model YH-SF30T
Wire Size 10-120mm² 
Pressure 300KN
Stroke 35mm
Crimp width  12.5mm (Customizable)
Weight  120kg
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 2300w



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