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Ultrasonic Ribbon Tape Angle Cutting Machine, Silk Webbing Tape Shape Cutting Machine

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This high speed ultrasonic webbing cutting machine is suitable for cutting gift wrapping tapes, strips, silk ribbons, webbing, woven belts, etc.

Model: ZCUT-C80

Ultrasonic Ribbon Tape Angle Cutting Machine


  • Easy to operate, no need to adjust the die

  • Servo motor drive, no noise

  • Speed: 120pieces/min

  • Using Swedish titanium steel knife: the cut is complete and smooth, no burrs, no loose edges, and the shearing effect is excellent.

  • PLC console, automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision, fast speed, and high efficiency, can cut multiple pieces at the same time.

  • Suitable for cutting gift wrapping tapes, strips, ribbons, etc. 

  • Cutting shapes: straight cutting, oblique cutting, dovetail and other shapes

  • Good cutting effect, low energy consumption, low noise, sustainable work more than 100 hours

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Operation video of the high speed ultrasonic silk ribbons/webbing cutting machine 

Technical Data

Model ZCUT-80
Frequency 18KHZ
Voltage 220V
Power 2.4KW
Size 1050*600*850MM
Weight 120KG
Speed 120pieces/min
Max. cutting width 70mm
Cutting length 1-99999mm
Knife properties No difference for cold or hot knife



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