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Wire and Cable Tape Winding Machine

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This wire and cable tape winding machine is mainly used for wrapping tapes for wire harness used in automobiles, motorcycles and aviation industries, playing the role of marking, fixing and insulating.

Model: AT-305

Wire and Cable Tape Winding Machine


  • Compatible with different types of tape materials without release paper, such as cloth tape, PVC tape, etc.

  • Keep it flat and free of wrinkles, which can ensure that the winding of the cloth tape is overlapped with the previous circle by 1/2

  • Switch between different winding modes: point winding at the same position, and spiral winding at different positions

  • Semi-automatic winding

  • Available to custom lap and speed settings and has the output display

  • Blades can be quickly replaced

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Operation video of the wire and cable tape winding machine

Technical Data

Model AT-305
Tape width 15-45mm
Taping diameter 0.1-40mm
Speed 0-600mm/second
Power 220/110(V)
Weight 44kg
Package size 500*360*360mm



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