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Wire Middle Window Stripping Machine

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This fully cable cutting and middle stripping machine is suitable for processing single-core wire, multi-core cable, shielded cable, PVC cable, etc.
Model: YH-603Z
wire middle window stripping machine

○ Suitable for processing shielded wires, multi-layer cables, PVC wires, etc.
○ Middle stripping function
Multi-segment middle stripping, arbitrary interval, arbitrary stripping length, up to 50 segments
Multi-segment middle stripping, same interval, same stripping length, unlimited number of stripping segments
○ Optional: MES system, Internet of Things system, fixed-point inkjet function, external auxiliary equipment alarm;
○ User-friendly system, intuitive operation via 7'' color touch screen;
○ Modular interface, convenient for linking accessories and peripheral equipment;
○ Modular design, future upgradeable;
○ Accept non-standard customization.
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Operation video of the wire window stripping machine

Technical Data

Model YH-603Z
Display mode 7-inch man-machine interface
Processing range 0.75 - 30 mm2
Cutting length 1mm-999999.99mm
Minimum total stripping length >120mm
Cutting tolerance within 0.002*L (L=cutting length)
Stripping length side A full stripping: 1-200mm, side A half stripping: 1-1500mm
side B full stripping: 1-100mm, side B half stripping:1-300mm
Maximum diameter allowed to pass Φ18
Tool material high-quality imported high-speed steel
Productivity 3500pcs/hour (depending on the length and size of the wire)
Drive mode

16-wheel drive (feeding stepper motor, knife holder servo motor, rotary knife servo motor);

*full servo optional

Wire feeding method belt feeding, no embossing or scratches on the cable
Lifting operation mode digitally adjust the height of the pressure roller
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz; 110V 50/60Hz optional
Air source 0.5Mpa (clean air source)
Dimensions 68*48*55cm(L*W*H)
Net weight 95kg


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