Flat elevator cable cutting machine

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We have developed and manufactured cutting machines for flat elevator cables as well as other plastic tubes and sleeves. It cuts the materials to accurate length and also that too at a very high speed... The machine uses special guides for different types and sizes of sleeves/tubes. This ensures a good cut. All other setting is completely digital.
Model: YH-BW09

Flat elevator cable cutting machine YH-BW09
○ MICROPROCESSOR controlled machines with smart display.
○ Fully automatic machine. Setting is completely digitized and mostly automatic.
○ Cutting system: pneumatic cylinder
○ If necessary, customers are requested to submit the sample of sleeves / tubes. This helps in selection of the cutter.

Contact us: sales@yuanhanequip.com
Operation video of the flat elevator cable cutting machine

Technical Data

Model YH-BW09
Control system PLC man-machine interface
Cutting method cylinder
Cutter stroke 50mm
Power 220V 50-60HZ
Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mp
Working rate 200W
Cutting diameter ø1-ø30mm
Cutting width up to 80mm (customizable)
Speed 20-60 pcs/minute (depending on the cutting length)
Dimensions 570x490x460mm
Weight 70kg


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