Elastic Staple Machine | Elastic Staple Fastening SystemElastic Staple Machine | Elastic Staple Fastening System

This elastic staple machine is designed for packaging heavy and bulky products. The adjustable stitch length is up to 150 MM and the needle height is 140 MM, which improves the compatibility of the machine with the fastening products.

  • YH-11802L
  • Yuanhan
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  • This machine adopts 80*80 reinforced aluminum profile, which makes the machine more stable during operation, reduces unnecessary vibration and shaking, protects the smooth running of the elastic staple running system, and prolongs the service life of the machine and spare parts.

  • Equipped with high precision cylinder components, gear automatic feeding, speed can be adjusted at any time.

  • Customers can choose the trigger mode according to the needs of the product. For the packaging of hardware products, users are advised to choose pedal-type and pull-down trigger. Because the packaging of hardware products generally has the clamping of the base mold, the use of the pedal mode can liberate the hands and place the products, thereby further improving the packaging efficiency.

    > Pneumatic manual mode: manual drive switch, belongs to the general standard machine, suitable for toy packaging

    > Pneumatic touch mode: add mechanical drive switch, pull down the main unit, touch switch, easy to use, reduce work fatigue, reduce human factors abnormal  and improve work efficiency.

    > Pneumatic pedal mode: while liberating your hands, further improve efficiency. With the use of fixtures, positioning is accurate and fast.

  • Equipped with a elastic staple replacement button, it is safe and convenient to replace and withdraw the plastic needle. There is also a single and double needle variable mode, switching is simple and fast.

  • Accurate positioning and fast speed, with machine die, work efficiency is higher and safer

  • The aluminum bracket and reinforced base make the head of the elastic staple machine rotate freely within a 360 degree horizontal range, giving users more choices and space requirements for the machine.

Model YH-11802L
Adjustable needle pitch range 10 MM-150 MM
Drive mode Pneumatic (manual, trigger version)
Adjustable needle pitch range 10 MM-150 MM
Drive mode Pneumatic (manual, trigger version)
Standard needle length 120 MM
Standard length of thimble 185 MM
The blade configuration Left/right universal blade
Effective needle length space 140 MM
Needle diameter 2.3 MM
The host weight 4.1 KG
Total weight 23.8 KG
Overall dimension (CM) 95*48*60(height * depth * width)
Aluminum frame 40*40/80*80 reinforced aluminum bracket
Table top 48*60 painted metal working face
Integral parts processing method Precision machining/stainless steel, aluminum alloy
Machine configuration Main engine head, aluminum frame, black lacquer worktable, reel bracket






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