Terminal Cross Section Analyzer TesterTerminal Cross Section Analyzer Tester

The automatic terminal cross-section analysis system is a precision inspection and analysis equipment specially developed for the quality inspection of the wiring harness industry. The complete system consists of automatic terminal cutting equipment, grinding equipment, corrosion cleaning section image acquisition system, wiring harness terminal picture measurement and analysis system and other units.

  • YH-SE6
  • Yuanhan
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The complete inspection system can complete the processing and analysis of a terminal within 5 minutes, which greatly improves the speed of the quality inspection of the terminal section. Simple operation, high-quality image acquisition system, accurate measurement and analysis will escort your production. The high-performance microscope observation instrument and special software can measure the length and calculate the area simply and correctly. 

  • Compact and easy to carry, simple and easy to operate

  • Fully automatic cutting module

  • High-speed grinding module with fine adjustment

  • Optional electrolytic corrosion module humanized fixture holder

  • The design of the protective cover increases the safety of operation

  • High-quality and low-distortion optical instrument image capture module

  • Safety protection device for optical instruments, easy to transport

  • With super bright white LED light source, low heat

  • X Y Z axis measurement desktop with fine adjustment

  • High-precision correction ruler

  • 5 million pixel camera USB 2.0

Control SystemJapanese Mitsubishi PLC controller room
Scope of application0.01 mm2~200mm2, 201 mm2~400mm2 (optional)
Cutting speed0-2800 rpm (using German ABB motor)
Grinding speed0-2800 rpm (using German ABB motor)
Cutting wheel

inner diameter: 32 mm, outer diameter: 150 mm, thickness: 0.5 mm

(imported from Germany, delicate and durable)

Cooling systemautomatic water circulation cooling system

(effectively reducing the impact of high temperature in the cutting process on the internal structure)

Power supply220 VAC, 50Hz, 2300 W
Weightabout 200kg
Dimensions1700 mm (length) x 800 mm (width) x 850 mm (height)



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