Crimp Cross-sectional Analysis SystemCrimp Cross-sectional Analysis System

Yuanhan’s Crimp Cross-sectional Analysis System allows the creation of high quality crimp cross-sectional images in a fraction of the time needed with “conventional” methods. The system is comprised of modular components that can be combined according to your individual needs.

  • YH-SE4
  • Yuanhan
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○ The fully automatic terminal cross section analyzer is a precision detection and analysis equipment specially developed for the quality inspection of the wire harness industry.
○ The Crimp Cross-sectional Analysis System is composed of cutting and grinding integrated equipment, optical sampling, corrosion cleaning, cross section image acquisition system, wire harness terminal picture measurement and analysis system imported from Japan.
○ The latest patented technology, cutting and grinding are completed in one time, which fully guarantees the flatness requirement of the terminal.
○ The complete inspection system can complete the processing analysis of one terminal in 3 minutes, which greatly improves the speed of the quality inspection of the terminal section.
○ The operation is simple, convenient and fast. It adopts Japan's high-definition image acquisition system and ensures accurate measurement analysis to protect your production.
○ Fully automatic precision integrated automatic cutting and grinding equipment, German motor, X-axis and Y-axis stroke control using Japanese Panasonic servo motor. 
○ Adopt Japanese Mitsubishi PLC controller. Professional terminal section analysis software with encryption lock and CD

Model YH-SE4
Terminal section analysis Japan imported segmentless zoom optical system
Total video magnification 30~312X
Applivable wire range 0.01~50mm2
Power supply 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Imaging system Japanese industrial HD video system 5 million
Blade specifications Dia.110X0.5mm(Germany imported, delicate and durable)
Abrasive sandpaper 1200#  
Standard fixture 0.01~50mm2
Special-grade high-precision reference ruler 0.01/10mm
Terminal corrosion Liquid cleaning (5S completed)
Lighting source All white adjustable LED lighting device
Dimensions W500XD350XH350





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