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Automatic Motor Stator Tying Machine

This automatic bundling machine is specially used for motor stator coil tying. It can also be used for bundling other products. It’s convenient and easy to operate.
  • YH-5100D
  • Yuanhan
  • Put the disordered nylon ties into the vibrating plate at will, and the nylon ties are is transmitted through the pipe to the machine head for binding

  • Step on the pedal, the machine will automatically complete feeding, winding, tightening, cutting, throwing waste

  • Complete all actions in 0.8 seconds, including the auxiliary time, the whole cycle is about 2 seconds

  • Bundling strength or tightness can be controlled by data adjustment

  • PLC control system, touch screen display, simple operation

  • Automatic detection of blocking material with one-button clear function

  • If the blockage occurs, the machine will stop working immediately and give an alarm

  • Equipped with a temperature control system to control the temperature of the cable tie.

Power supply220V/50hZ
Air pressure5~6kg/cm3
Efficiency 0.8s/pc
Cable tie specs2.5*100mm (Subject to the actual material)
Scope of bundlingSubject to the actual material, or customize
Gun table size326*295*335mm
Weightabout 150kg (with wheels, easy to move)

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