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You are here: Home » Products » Terminal Crimping Machine » Hexagon Shape Terminal Crimping Machine (die free)
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Hexagon Shape Terminal Crimping Machine (die free)

This hexagon die-free terminal crimping machine is mainly used for crimping of large square tubular terminals. It features high accuracy and no need to change the mold.

  • YH-6LC
  • Yuanhan
  • The machine is mainly aimed at pressing the large square tubular terminal

  • The industrial grade control chip is equipped with high-precision servo drive to enable the machine to stabilize the movement

  • PLC control system, instantaneous change of the pressure range of different terminals, touch screen operation mode

  • 10-120mm closed tube terminal with no need to replace the cutter, the size of the blade is changed instantly

  • Suitable for the pressing operation of non-standardized or pressure-connected terminals

  • There is no need to change the mold, high accuracy

  • The pressure connector can be fully opened to apply the pressure connection between the middle connection or the large square terminal

  • Adjust the actual square of the wire

Wire range10-120 square mm (Min: AWG 10#, 240 Sq mm can be customized)
Crimping force200KN
Crimping width12.5MM (other sizes can be customized)
Dimensions500Lx450Wx480H MM
Power220V 50HZ

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