Semi-automatic Cable Stripping and Rubber Seals Crimping MachineSemi-automatic Cable Stripping and Rubber Seals Crimping Machine

This is a semi-automatic wire stripping and rubber seals crimping machine. It is able to strip the wire, insert rubber seals and crimp terminals automatically. The operator only need to put the wire head into the working area and then press down foot switch, then it will strip and seal-crimp automatically.It is especially designed for processing the core wires of multi-core cables.

  • YH-3000FS
  • Yuanhan
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  • This machine adopts servo rotation, guide screw positioning, and realizes the three processes of wearing rubber seals, stripping and crimping at the same time.

  • The stripping length is adjustable.

  • The depth of the rubber seals is adjusted according to the glue position data between the stripping port and the rubber seals.

  • The crimping depth of the end can be adjusted according to the position of the top line.

  • The machine is driven by a high-efficiency servo motor, featuring high-speed stamping, and stable pressure.

  • The stripping slider is driven by a screw rod to ensure accurate stripping length.

  • The insulation stripping mechanism is driven by a motor and a screw rod to ensure accurate stripping length.

  • The rubber seals feeding structure is simple and easy to replace, which can meet a wide variety of requirements.

Capacityabout 1,200 pieces/hour
Applicable wire diameter0.2mm²-2.5mm²
Cutting precision±0.02mm
Stripping length0-10mm
Crimping force3T
Crimping stroke30mm
Single cycle3 seconds
Rubber seal sizeφ≤10*10
Crimping modeservo crimping
Power supplyAC 200V 50HZ
Compressed air0.5-0.7Mpa
Dimensions1,100mm*920mm*1,600mm (Length*Width*Height)



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