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Fully Automatic Wire Single-end Rubber Seals Crimping and Tinning MachineFully Automatic Wire Single-end Rubber Seals Crimping and Tinning Machine

This fully automatic wire tinning and rubber seals crimping machine is able to process wire cutting, single-end stripping, two-end stripping, single-end rubber seals inserting and crimping, single-end twisting and tinning at the same time.

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  • Function: wire cutting, single-end stripping, two-end stripping, single-end rubber seals inserting and crimping, single-end twisting and tinning

  • Exquisite, compact design, excellent conception, and small footprint.

  • KINCO touch screen operation menu, easy to learn and understand.

  • Rapid replacement of procedures and materials.

  • Efficient stepping drive, high precision and fast speed.

  • Convenient maintenance.

Power supplyAC220V/50/60HZ single phase
Capacity1000-1300 pieces/hour (within 100mm in length)
Processable wire rangeAWG#28-AWG#16
Cutting length60mm-9999mm
Cutting accuracyvariation range: 1mm+cutting length*0.2% or less
Stripping length1.5mm-10mm
Crimping capacity2.0T/3.0T terminal crimping machine (optional)
Air pressure4-6kgf (clean and dry air is required)
Detection devicedetection of whether the wire is present, whether the terminal is crimped or not, the detection of the blockage, the detection of the low air pressure
Body size870W x 1180L x 1500H(MM)
Weightabout 400kg




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