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Wire Two Ends Heat-shrink Tubing Inserting and Ferrules Crimping Machine

The wire two ends heat-shrink tubing inserting and connector crimping machine is cable to process wire two ends cutting, stripping, crimping, and heat-shrink tubing inserting.

  • YH-710S
  • Yuanhan
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  • Function: wire two ends cutting, stripping, crimping, and heat-shrink tubing inserting

  • It can realize wire double-end cutting, stripping, crimping or single end twisting and tinning

  • Two ends heat-shrink tubing inserting to the designated position, and double-end/single-end crimping can be achieved simultaneous

  • Terminal visual inspection and terminal pressure inspection system can be added

Wire cutting length


(The shortest cutting length varies according to the crimping tool used.)


Cutting wire to fixed length, stripping at both ends, single head partial stripping, 

single end crimping, double ends crimping, heat-shrink tubing inserting

Work efficiency

Double ends heat-shrink tubing inserting: 1800-2000 pcs/h
Single end heat-shrink tubing inserting: 3200-3500 pcs/h

Configuration1.TBI Screw
2.SMC Cylinder
3.Takikawa Servo
4.HIWIN Slide
DetectionLack of wire detection, heat-shrink tubing detection, wire knot detection, terminal crimping detection, air pressure detection
DimensionL2660 * W800 * H1600mm



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