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4-core Power Cord Stripping and Crimping Machine

This 3-core and 4-core power cord stripping and terminal crimping machine can process wires of inconsistent lengths. The length difference is 0-200mm. It can also crimp different terminals onto different core wires at the same time.
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  • It adopts Mitsubishi servo (3 servo motors in the whole machine) and ball screw drive, so that the wire feeding, stripping, terminal crimping are very precise, and the movement connection between each other is smooth.

  • The mechanical control is simple and convenient, all operated by the touch screen, and the data adjustment can change the stripping and cutting length, the cutting depth, and the crimping position.

  • This machine can process wires of inconsistent lengths. The length difference is 0-200mm.  

  • Applicable terminals: ground ring terminals, push-in 187/250 terminals, flag shape terminals (horizontal terminal can be customized).

  • The automatic detection function of the machine can also effectively control the occurrence of defective products, so that they can be found and processed immediately.  


4-core cable: 550-600pcs/h

3-core cable: 800-900pcs/h

Applicable wire range3-core or 4-core sheathed cable
Cutting length difference0-200mm
Cutting tolerancewithin ±0.10.1+0.005*Lmm, L=cutting length
Stripping length0-15
Crimping force3T 
Crimping modefrequency converter drive, AC motor
Power supply and air pressure3 phase 220V, 50/60Hz,0.5Mpa, 150(ANR)/min
DimensionsL1500mm x W970mm x H1700mm

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