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Semi-automatic Wire Spot Taping SystemSemi-automatic Wire Spot Taping System

This wire spot taping system is mainly used for wrapping tape around cables for automobiles, motorcycles, and aviation to mark, fix and insulate.

  • YH-J50
  • Yuanhan
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  • Compatible with different types of tape materials without release paper (such as cloth tape, PVC tape, etc.)

  • Keep it flat and wrinkle-free, which can ensure that each loop of the cloth tape overlaps with the previous loop to cover 1/2.

  • It can switch between different winding modes: spot wrapping at the same position, direct spiral winding at different positions.

  • It can realize the setting of laps and speed, and output display function.

  • Blade can be changed quickly.

  • It is suitable for the tape wrapping work after the intermediate point crimping. The length of the tape is adjusted by numbers, which is convenient, fast and accurate.

  • Stable quality and high efficiency.

Working frequency

60 times/min. The machine speed can reach 3,000 pieces/hour (depending on manual placing speed).

Tape length50-99mm
Tape width25-40mm
Air pressure0.5-0.6MPa
Power supply220V 50HZ 200W
Machine net weight57KG
Applicable wire diametercan be customized depending on wire size



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