Heating Heat Shrink Tubing GunHeating Heat Shrink Tubing Gun

The YH-300ZM heat shrinkable tube heating machine is a heating gun embedded on the desktop. The heat shrinkable tube heating product can be docked with the worktable, which is highly comfortable and easy to process. The heating gun is equipped with a high-temperature heating core, which has high thermal efficiency, long-lasting durability, instant heat, and can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption.

  • YH-300ZM
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○ Temperature adjustment

The air outlet is equipped with a temperature sensor that adjusts the temperature as needed. Temperature control accuracy ± 1 ° C; working temperature < 395 ° C. Real-time temperature display.

○ Tuyere distance adjustable

The air outlet of the machine can blow hot air up and down for convenient use.

○ Heat insulation

Double-layer insulation, robust housing is safe and reliable, and can maintain high temperature for a long time.

○ High heat exchange efficiency

Ingenious wind tunnel design, the air passes evenly from the inside/outside of the spiral heating wire, the heat exchange is nearly 100%, the wind pressure loss is less, and the flow rate is less.

Model YH-300ZM
Packaging Size (L × W × H) (mm) 910×580×880
Net weight (KG) 19
Gross Weight (KG) 49
Whole Machine Power (KW) 3.05
Noise (db) 42
Air outlet   
Circular outlet diameter 25 mm S
Circular outlet diameter 50mm S
Single outlet S
Insulation Design  
Double-layer insulation S
Heating system  
Heating mode: resistance wire heating S
Life (< 350 ℃) > 10000h S
Power 3KW S
Suggested Diameter Range of Wire Harness  
Wire Harness Diameter<25mm S
220V Standard Temperature Controller  
Digital display temperature S
Temperature control mode: solid state relay S
Intelligent Temperature Control Meter S
Manual solid state voltage regulation O
Working current indication O
Temperature range  
Outlet Temperature Spatial Temperature~480℃ S
Safe operating temperature<395℃ S
Temperature Control Accuracy(±3℃) S
220V Intelligent Temperature Controller  
Control mode: thyristor  
Start-up Preset: Fan Speed, Output Temperature, Working Time  
Temperature and Fan Speed Regulation  
Dry Burning Detection  
Automatic fault detection and alarm O
Delayed heat exhaust during shutdown O
Remote RS-485 Communication Interface O
Centrifugal Fan  
50W Air Volume: 198m³/h Air Pressure: 298pa S
Safety Grade PE S
Air outlet anti-scalding cover S
Power Supply  
Power Demand 220V,50Hz S
Wooden box S
Notes: S = standard configuration; O = optional.

The above parameters are for reference only, and the final parameters are subject to the actual factory data.





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