Wire Harness Insulation Sleeve Heating Shrinking OvenWire Harness Insulation Sleeve Heating Shrinking Oven

The wire harness insulation sleeve heating shrinking oven is designed for mass production. It can work for 24 hours in a row, and process special products. The heating machine and the conveyer are used together to realize the precise heating of the heat shrinkable tube without damaging the wire. By manually adjusting the speed, the speed of the conveyor belt is kept uniform. The vertical distance and the parallel distance of the heating port to the conveyor belt can be adjusted, and the heat shrinkable tube of different size components can be heated. It is suitable for users with accurate heating requirements for wire harness. It can also be applied to heat high temperature Teflon heat shrinkable tubes or large diameter and long heat shrinkable tubes.

  • YH600B-2F-380
  • Yuanhan
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One side or double side heating is optional

  • According to the heating requirements of the heat shrinkable tube, it is free to choose one side or two side heating.

  • The heating zone width, heating distance and left and right position can be adjusted.


Accurate heating does not hurt the wire

  • The vertical distance and parallel distance of the heating port to the conveyor belt can be adjusted, and the heat shrinkable tube of different size components can be heated,save energy as much as possible and ensure the wire do not be hurt.


Heat insulation of heating machine

  • Double insulation, strong machine shell makes the machine safe and reliable, and can work in high temperature for a long time



  • Deviced friendly man-machine interface, menu operation of liquid crystal Chinese characters,simple and convenient manipulation,Real-time display of work status.


Open machine presupposition function

  • The machine can set the speed of the fan, the output temperature, the working time, etc.

  • Temperature control system (room temperature ~460 )

  • A digital stepless mediation method is adopted to control the power output, control the temperature, stabilize the output, and control the temperature accuracy by + 2 degrees Celsius.


Fan delay function

  • In order to protect the heating core and prolong the service life of the heating core, the machine has a time delay function of downtime and blow drying. After the machine stops working, the hair dryer will blow off for a minute before it can be shut down.


High heat exchange efficiency

  • Ingenious design of wind tunnel let the air uniform through the inside and outside of the helical heating wire.Heat exchange near 100%,the loss of wind pressure is less.The heating core of the heater is designed to use the lower surface power density, and the heating temperature in the unit area is low, so the electric heat wire has a long service life.


Parameter memory function

  • The power, temperature, fan speed and other parameters of the hot air fan have memory function.


Air flow regulating valve

  • The air inlet of the blower is equipped with a manual air volume regulating valve, and the air volume can be adjusted according to the needs.



  • It has overheating overload protection, power cut protection device, emergency stop switch, phase sequence protection, fully guarantee the safety of the equipment,do not produce exhaust gas, and meet the environmental protection,can keep operating 24 hours a day without stopping all year round.


Selection of assembly auxiliary conveyor

  • This machine is work in with auxiliary conveyors, and can be applied to heat shrinkable tubes with arbitrary specifications.

SizeConveyor (L x W x H)selective assembling
Heating machine (L x W x H)See picture
Maximum wire harness diameter<60mm
Maximum heating casing length<90mm
Heating area400mm
Cooling zone200mm
Maximum transmission width550mm
Maximum transmission height<90mm
Conveyor beltTexture of materialTeflon
The power of the motor25W (Stepless speed regulation)
Heating Heating modeHot air
Heating pipe power6000W,2 sets
Power supply Power demand380V Three phases four wires 50HZ



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