Large Size Heat Shrinkable Tube Heating GunLarge Size Heat Shrinkable Tube Heating Gun

The double-outlet heat-shrinkable tube heating gun is suitable for heating large-diameter heat-shrinkable tubes and it can heat multiple heat shrinkable tubes simultaneously. Featuring one-time molding, uniform heating, high efficiency, durable and accurate temperature control, this machine can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption, especially suitable for large-scale industrial production installed on the assembly line.

  • YH400F-252W
  • Yuanhan
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  • Power Regulation

    The temperature is controlled by PID/SSR, the control precision is high, the reflection is sensitive, and the output is stable.

  • Heat Insulation

    Multi-fiber insulation cotton insulation, the solid casing is safe and reliable, and can maintain high temperature work for a long time.

  • Temperature Control System

    Intelligent digital display temperature adjustment, the air outlet is equipped with a temperature sensor, and the temperature can be adjusted as needed. The temperature is accurately controlled to ±2 °C, and the working temperature is 395 °C.

  • High Heat Exchange Efficiency

    Ingenious wind tunnel design, the air passes evenly from the inside/outside of the spiral heating wire, the heat exchange is nearly 100%, the wind pressure loss is less, and the flow rate is less.

  • Safety

    It is equipped with overheating overload protection and power-off protection device to ensure the safety of the equipment, no waste gas, environmental protection, and can be operated 24 hours a day.

Air outlet sizeDiameter 50mm 25mm (round air outlet, optional)
Insulation materialDouble insulation cotton
Heater nameHeating wire
Heater power2 × 2KW (power adjustable)
Heater power adjustmentIntelligent temperature regulation
Heating wire life100,000 hours
Temperature tableDigital control
Temperature control accuracy±2°C
Air volume198M3/H, the actual air volume is about 98M3/H
Blower static pressure198pa
Number of hot air outlets2
Air outlet directionPair blowing (arbitrary adjustment of tuy distance)
Air volume rises350 ° C
Bearing temperature<395°C
Power demand220V
Machine power4100W
Machine weight15KG
Safety levelGround wire



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