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Shrinking Heat Shrink Tubing GunShrinking Heat Shrink Tubing Gun

The table type heat shrinkable tube heating air gun is suitable for heat shrinkable tube heating and contraction. The 360-degree rotation of the air outlet is suitable for a variety of working environments. Small size, light weight and easy to move. High thermal efficiency, uninterrupted 24 hours continuous work, durable and accurate temperature control.

  • YH300Z-25
  • Yuanhan
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Outlet direction adjustment

○ The air outlet has 360 degree rotation in all directions, and is suitable for various working environments.

Power regulation

○ Adopting PID/SSR to control temperature, high control precision, sensitive and stable output.

Double layer heat insulation

○ Design of sturdy double stainless steel shell,it is safe and reliable when used,can keep high temperature work for a long time.

Temperature control system

○ Intelligent digital display temperature regulation, outlet with temperature sensor, can adjust the temperature according to need. The temperature is controlled precisely at + 1℃. The maximum use temperature is 395℃.

High heat exchange efficiency

○ Ingenious design of wind tunnel let the air uniform through the inside and outside of the helical heating wire.Heat exchange near 100%,the loss of wind pressure is less.


○ It has overheating overload protection, power cut protection device, fully guarantee the safety of the equipment, do not produce exhaust gas, and meet the environmental protection.

Apply to:

○ 1 Connection and contraction of PE heat shrinkable tube, PVC heat shrinkable tube and double wall heat shrinkable tube with glue.

○ 2 Thermal shrinkage of PVC pipe.Heat shrinkable tube of car harness.

○ 3 Thermal contraction of capacitors, batteries, wire terminals, heat shrinkable sleeves / membranes, etc.

Model YH300Z-25
Size Overall machine size

320×255×430mm (without heater bracket)

600×255×430mm (including heater bracket)

The size of the air outlet 50mm 25mm
Heat preservation layer Material double insulation
Heater Name Resistance heating
Heat energy 3KW
Temperature Control Method Intelligent temperature adjustment
Service life of heated wire 100,000h
Blower Blower 50W
Maximum wind volume 138M3/H,the actual air volume is about 80M3/H
Static pressure 218pa
Temperature Maximum air flow outlet temperature rise >395℃
Maximum affordable temperature <430℃
Power supply Power demand 220V two-phase
Overall machine power 3,050W
Weight Overall machine weight 10KG





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