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Wiring Harness Heat Shrinkable Tube Heating Machine

The YH650B-2 heat shrinkable tube heating machine (local heating does not damage the wiring harness) features double-sided heating, which can heat the shrinkable tube evenly. The heating temperature, conveying speed, and heating zone width are adjustable.

  • YH650B-2
  • Yuanhan
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  • Equipment composition 

    Heating machine + control system (optional auxiliary conveyor) 

  • Double-sided heating temperature controllable 

    This machine has a digital electronic thermostat, which can control the temperature of the heating tube to ensure temperature balance. It can be operated continuously for 24 hours to ensure work efficiency. 

  • Double heating 

    Even heating, suitable for processing large diameter or thick wall heat shrinkable tube. 

  • Adjustable heating zone width 

    The width of the heating zone can be adjusted by the user according to the size of the heat shrinkable tube, which saves energy and does not damage the cable. 

  • Heat insulation design of heating zone 

    The double design of the heating zone shell is filled with insulation materials to isolate the internal and external temperature, which saves energy and protects the working environment.

Basic parameters
Dimensions (LXWXH) (mm)1800*860*10701800*860*10701800*860*1070
Outer packaging size (LXWXH) (mm)1915*1015*9601915*1015*9601915*1015*960
Heating width (mm)<120<120<120
Conveying width (mm)<650<650<650
Temperature adjustment range °C<260<260<260
Temperature control error °C±6±5±3
Net weight (KG)100103103
Gross weight (KG)169172172
Heating power (KW)<4<4<4
Conveying motor power (W)404040
Whole machine power (KW)<4.5<4.5<4.5
Noise (db)53 53 53 
Recommended wire harness parameter range
Wire diameter range (mm)<25<25<25
Shrinkable tubing length (mm)<120<120<120



Temperature adjustment range °C


Temperature control error °C




Net weight KG



Gross weight KG



Heating power KW



Conveying motor power W



Whole machine power KW



Noise (db)



Recommended wire harness parameter range

Wire diameter range mm:


Shrinkable tubing length mm:




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