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Pneumatic Cable Outer Jacket and Core Wires Stripping Machine

This pneumatic multi-core cable stripping machine can peel off the outer jacket and inner core jacket simultaneously. It changes the traditional processing technology of peeling the outer skin first and then peeling the inner core skin, saving time and efficiency. It is capable of precise stripping without causing damage to copper wires.

  • YH-250JM
  • Yuanhan
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  • Precise stripping without causing damage to copper wires;

  • Peel off the outer jacket and inner core jacket at one time;

  • Unique slide, smooth reciprocating stroke, precise cutting;

  • Ergonomic hatchback design;

  • Double acting cylinder, no spring break;

  • The oil and gas self-supplied two-connected body is used to supply oil to the cylinder regularly, reducing internal wear of the cylinder and prolonging service life;

  • Gas-electric control, light and agile, easy to work;

  • Adjustable according to wire size;

  • Suitable for processing small wires and short wires, such as AC / DC cables, power cord, computer cables, multi-core cables, sheathed cables, etc.

Outer jacket stripping length50mm
Woking pressure0.4mp-0.6mp
Voltage220V 50HZ




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