3 Layers Large Cable Cutting Stripping Machine3 Layers Large Cable Cutting Stripping Machine

This is a fully automatic large cable cutting and stripping machine. It supports up to 3 layers of jacket peeling. Applicable wire range: 6 sq mm-150 sq mm.

  • YH-B150
  • Yuanhan
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  • Pure electric, 14-wheel drive. Both the wire feeding wheel and the tool post are driven by high-precision servo motors, which have high power and high precision. The belt feeding system can ensure that the wire surface is not damaged.

  • The pressing force of the inlet wheel and the outlet wheel can be directly set in the program, without manual adjustment of the wheel pressure. The outlet wheel also has the function of automatic lifting. The outlet wheel can automatically lift up to avoid when the wire is stripped. Therefore, the stripping length range of the wire head is greatly increased. The lifting height of the outlet wheel can also be directly set in the program.

  • The 7-inch color touch screen operation interface is intuitive and easy to understand, supports 100 groups of program memory functions, and supports three-layer shielding wire stripping program. Increase the power by 2 times on the basis of the original large cable stripping machine. The output is 2-3 times that of ordinary wire stripping machines, saving a lot of labor.

  • It can be equipped with branching jigs, cutting jigs, and inkjet printers.

Operation interface7-inch touch screen PLC
Memory functionup to 100 groups of programs can be stored
Applicable wire6mm2-150 mm2
Blade materialimported high-speed steel
Maximum catheterø28mm
Power supply voltage220v
Stripping lengthwire head: 0-500mm, wire tail: 0-250mm
Minimum cutting length60mm
Cutting length0-100 meters (more than 100 meters can be customized)
Stripping programmaximum support 3 layers of peeling function
Processing speed1,500-2,000 pieces/hour (depending on cable length)



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