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Double-sided Shrinkable Tube Heat Shrinking Machine

The double-sided shrinkable tube heat shrinking machine comes with Intelligent temperature control, is suitable for heating & shrinking heat-shrinkable tube in wire harness processing enterprise. It can adjust the temperature according to the requirements of the production process, and the contraction time is short. It can shrink any length, and work continuously for 24 hours without interruption. There are omnidirectional reflective thermal materials, so that the heat shrinkable tube is heated evenly.
  • YH6560-2
  • Yuanhan

  • Equipment composition

    Conveying system + heating system + cooling system + control system

  • Heat insulation design

    The heating zone shell is double-designed to isolate the internal and external temperature, which saves energy and protects the working environment.

  • Conveyor system

    The conveying speed is controlled by a speed-regulating motor, which can smoothly adjust the speed and adjust the length of the heated wire harness through the heating zone.

  • Adjustable heating plate height

    Can process products with multi-diameter

  • Flexible heating zone design

    The heating zone adopts upper and lower double-sided design, and uses a windless heating plate, which is energy-saving and can effectively improve the working environment. Ceramic heating plates allow for quick height adjustment. In single-sided, double-sided and single-row, double-row heating switching, it can be adjusted between 3, 6, 9, 12 heating plates to meet different wire bundle heat shrink requirements.

  • Removable bracket

    The stand of the device can be freely disassembled, increasing the adaptability and mobility of the device.

  • Cooling system

    The outlet is equipped with a cooling fan to cool the heated heat-shrinkable tube.

  • Intelligent control system

    Easy to learn temperature control settings

    The temperature control system is set up with a mature temperature control table, which is easy to learn.

  • Intelligent power regulation

    According to the set temperature, the heating system intelligently recognizes the output power and the output is stable.



SizeThe whole machine1800mm*952mm*902mm
Power control box

195 mm*150 mm*140mm

Heating Zone

720 mm*60mm

optional: 80mm, 120mm, 160mm)*70mm 

Heating plateHeating plate nameCeramic heating plate
Number of heating plates

Standard 6 (optional 3, 9, 12)

Single heating plate power



Conveyor belt material


Transfer speed


Single heating plate power40W (stepless speed regulation)
Conveyor belt width


PowerPower SpecificationsThree-phase 380V+PE
SafetySafety requirementsGround wire

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