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Shrinkable Tubing Heating Gun

The heat-shrinkable tube heating machine is suitable for shrinkage of PE heat-shrinkable tube, PVC heat-shrinkable tube, double-wall heat-shrinkable tube with glue, and can be installed on the assembly line. Adjust the temperature according to the production process requirements and accurately control the temperature. Short blowing time, suitable for heating heat shrink tube of any size. Small size, light weight and easy to move. High thermal efficiency, durable, instant heating and 24 hours continuous operation.

  • YH300B-32
  • Yuanhan
  • Temperature adjustment

    The air outlet is equipped with a temperature sensor that adjusts the temperature as needed. Temperature control accuracy ± 1 ° C; temperature < 395 ° C. Digital display the temperature.

  • Tuyere direction adjustable

    The air outlet of the machine can blow hot air up and down for convenient use.

  • Thermal insulation

    Multi-fibre insulation cotton insulation, robust chassis is safe and reliable, can effectively maintain high temperature work.

  • High heat exchange efficiency

    Ingenious wind tunnel design, the air passes evenly from the inside/outside of the spiral heating wire, the heat exchange is nearly 100%, the wind pressure loss is less, and the flow rate is less.

Sizesee picture
Air outlet32mm
Insulation materialmulti-fiber insulation cotton
Heaterelectric heating wire
Heater power3KW
Power regulationintelligent temperature regulation
Maximum operating temperature<395°C
Heating wire life100,000 hours
Maximum air volume138M3/H, actual air volume is about 80M3/H
Static pressure218pa
Power demand220V
Machine power3050W

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