Wire and Cable Bending MachineWire and Cable Bending Machine

This wire bending machine is able to cut, strip and bend wires and cables up to 35 sq mm. It can strip both ends of the wire, and bend the wire into your requested angle.

  • YH-690Z / YH-ZW35
  • Yuanhan
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○ This is a high performance wire cutting stripping and bending machine for processing a wide range of wires and cables; 

○ Applicable wire sizes: 2-35mm2

○ It can not only strip both ends of the wire, but also bend the wire into your requested angle; 

○ The straightforward display provides information in the selected language about the current processing status, very visualized;

○ The machine is mainly suitable for wire harness processing of electronics, electrical appliances, toys, automobile fittings and other industries; 

○ Affordable price and perfect working performance.

Model YH-690Z / YH-ZW35
Features Wire cutting stripping and bending
Conductor cross-section 2-35mm2
Stripping length  0.1-100mm
Cutting length 1-100,000mm
Cutting tolerances ± (0.001xL)mm
Bending length Can be set
Bend shape/angle U shape, Z clockwise, counterclockwise bend, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°
Production rate L=100mm, 2,000-3,000pcs/h
Power supply 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
Power 600W
Conduit diameter Generally ⌀ 10mm, can be customized according to wire size
Display screen Chinese/English touch screen
Weight  88KG
Dimensions 95x88x82cm




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