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Dual Side Heat Shrink Tubing Heating EquipmentDual Side Heat Shrink Tubing Heating Equipment

The double side heat shrinkable tube heating machine is suitable for shrinking heat shrinkable sleeves used in wire harness processing enterprises. The temperature can be adjusted according to production requirements. The working state is displayed by liquid crystal display, and 4 sets of heating procedures are set up randomly, and one side or double side heating is optional. The width of heating zone is adjustable. Contraction time is short. It can heat shrinkable tubes for any length, and can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption. Power is adjustable, and there is an omni-directional reflective thermal material in it, so that the heat shrink pipe is heated evenly.

  • YH-300E-2
  • Yuanhan
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Equipment composition

  • Heating system + control system + wiring harness support system

The working state is displayed by liquid crystal display

  • The working temperature, output power and heating program are shown by digital display.

Set up to 4 sets of heating program, random call

  • The heating time, heating output power and stopping time of the heat shrinkable tube can be set freely according to the users' requirements, and can be called randomly.

One side or double side heating is optional

  • According to the heating requirements of the heat shrinkable tube, it is free to choose one side or two side heating.

The width of heating zone is adjustable

  • The width of the heating zone can be adjusted by the user according to the size of the heat shrinkable tube, save energy as much as possible and ensure the wire do not be hurt.

Heat insulation design of heating zone

  • The double shell design of heating area makes the inside and outside temperature separate, that is to save energy and protect the working environment.

SizeOverall machine size (L×W×H)400×340×350mm
Control power (L×W×H)200×150×200mm
Heating area (L×W)300×200mm
Heating width200mm
Maximum wire beam heating length160mm
Maximum wire beam heating diameter25mm
Wiring harness supportMaterialStainless steel
Maximum heating quantity1-16 roots (according to wire diameter)
Transport modeManual parallel movement
Heating pipe 
Heating pipe nameInfrared radiant tube
Heating pipe power1800W
Power supply
Power demand220V



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